Redpill Studios - AJ Wallace Music Review

Redpill Studios in St. Louis is the place to record if you want vibe, lots and lots of vibe. There's nothing showy or fancy about this studio; yet without trying, it just can't help but feel and look really cool. Maybe it's the tape machines in the control room, or the gobs and gobs of classic analog outboard gear. Of course, the vintage amps in the hall, or the old keyboards and kick drums lining the dark cherry-stained wood floors in the live room don't hurt either.

Okay, so it looks cool, but no one who listens to your record is going to ask "how did the studio look? Was it vibey??" For those of you concerned about how it sounds, don't be concerned. The first time I recorded drums here, I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing. The room sounds bigger than it looks -- and not in some hollow, thin echoey way. The room ambience is thick and full, with a sultry decay. While it's not the biggest recording space in the world, there's definitely room enough to fit a full band. There's even an iso booth in the corner to lay down vocal tracks live.

The control room and live room vibe is complimented by some of the best studio microphones and preamps you can find in St. Louis. From vintage ribbon microphones and dirty old preamps, to super accurate small diaphragm condensers and crystal clear preamps, Redpill has the right mics for the sound you're looking for. One of my personal favorites is the Lawson L47 - a nod to the classic Neumann U47. Deep, warm, rich, with just the right amount of shimmer on top -- the mic brings life to any vocalist.

But don't just take my word for it -- contact me to schedule a tour or book a session today!